Movie Review – “Man of Steel” (2013)

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3-Star Post MasterMan of Steel - 2013 - 2(Man of Steel – Click to Enlarge)

I grew up with Superman so I am always interested in how things are going with him in his life and for that matter, in his movies also.

In modern times beginning in 1978 we were again introduced to Superman through a new series of four films starring Christopher Reeves. As that series slowly faded away over the next 28 some years, in 2006 a new film was released starring a new actor in the leading role of superman, Brandon Routh. This new film loosely played off the Christopher Reeves’ series somewhat as a sequel appropriately titled, “Superman Returns”.

Then in 2013 a new film was released titled “Man of Steel” which would again take us back to the beginning of Superman’s life and the destruction of the planet, Krypton. And yet another new actor would put life into our superhero, Henry Cavill and lead us through those early years once again as our man of steel is forged into the superhero we have all come to love and admire.

This film certainly does not lack for a strong cast with the likes of Russell Crowe as Jor-El; Kevin Costner as John Kent; Diane Lane as Martha Kent; Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White, the Daily Planet editor. It would appear that the plot had no room for the lowly photographer Jimmy Olson this time out.

As to the plot, it is basically a condensed version of the first two movies of the Christopher Reeves’ series. There are a lot of computerized graphics employed in the film but the film does have a fair amount of entertainment value. I managed to give this remake a 3-star rating. If you find yourself in the mood to catch one of our more famous superheroes in action yet again, you might want to give this one a watch.

A brief glance into my life as a fishmonger….

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(The Pure Food Fish Market – Click to Enlarge)

It’s that time of year again – time to go get a part time job delivering newspapers, order my fresh Alaskan Halibut from my favorite fish market and then continue with my paper route until I get that Halibut order paid off. But… if you are a Halibut lover I doubt little explanation beyond that will be necessary.

Tis true, one of my favorite fish, Alaskan Halibut, are back in season and available from my favorite fish market. I order my Halibut from the Pure Food Fish Market, a fish market located in the Pike Place Market which is a public market overlooking the Elliot Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington. The Pike Place Market opened in 1907 and is the oldest operating public farmer’s market in the United States and the area is also one of Seattle’s most popular tourist destinations. The photo above is of the subject fish market by the way.

Monday I got an email from the fish market informing me that they were having a 2-day sale on fresh Alaskan Halibut with 25% off. Now how, I ask you, is anyone going to ignore that little tidbit of information? I placed my order at around 9:30am by email with the Seattle market and just a little over 24 hours later at around 11:30am here in central Arkansas my brief life as a fishmonger began….

Alaskan Halibut Shipping Container - 1(Halibut Shipping Container – Click to Enlarge)

Alaskan Halibut Shipping Container - 3(Chilled Halibut Container – Click to Enlarge)

Alaskan Halibut Steak Slabs - Whole(Fresh Alaskan Halibut Whole Slabs – Click to Enlarge)

Alaskan Halibut Steak Slabs - Portioned(Fresh Alaskan Halibut Portioned and Bagged – Click to Enlarge)

Well there you have it! If you’re a Halibut lover it’s really too bad you live so far away so I can’t share… heh, heh, heh. :)

Bon appétit!

If Only Blogs Could Talk….

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Several days ago I did a post on the topic of the nightly national news broadcasters and which of their newscasters might appear on my most liked and/or least liked lists. It was most interesting to read the takes on the subject offered by others.

But that got me to thinking about another area along those same lines and that was with regard to those personalities who we often find narrating a documentary or even a television commercial from time to time. There are indeed some eloquent voices amongst the many that travel the narration highways and byways.

How cool would it be to have a narrator for our blogs? Imagine if you will all your blog entries being narrated to your visitors by the likes of James Earl Jones or Sam Elliot. I suspect that if you had the right narrator, your blog would be flooded with visitors. In fact, it might even intimidate us in large measure into improving our writing skills – for those of course who even need any help. :)

But to those favorites, well I have compiled a collection of five (5) that I feel would round out a “Top Five” listing for me….

Top Choice Narrators(My Top Five Narrators – Click to Enlarge)

Movie Review – The Hunter (2011)

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 4-Star Post MasterThe Hunter - 2011 - 01(Film Released in 2011 – Click to Enlarge)

I ran across this movie last night and although it was unfamiliar to me, the fact that Willem Dafoe was in the starring role quickly caught my attention. He is an actor whose work and films I have really enjoyed watching over the years.

The film was appropriately titled “The Hunter” and Willem Dafoe played the role of a mercenary who was hired by a large biotech European company to go to the island State of Tasmania which is located some 240 miles off the southern coast of the continent of Australia. Although the scientific community at large presumed the Tasmanian tiger to be extinct, there were a few who thought there might still be a small remnant lurking about. This biotech company was hiring this mercenary to go and kill this thought to be last tiger, gather samples of its DNA and other body tissues, and destroy any remnants of the animal. The company thought there to be great commercial value in the DNA and destroying any other sources would give them complete control over any by-products created from the source.

Along with the adventure and the hunt Willem Dafoe begins to cultivate a relationship with a woman and her two children who live in the backwoods in an old house where he will stay while on his assignment. This relationship with the woman and her children provides a great backdrop to the story. As usual, the entertainment value of any movie is within the eye of the beholder but if this sounds interesting and suits your movie values, I think you will enjoy this one….

As a second thought I have returned to this post to add a video of a program televised in 2009 on the History Channel which actually echos pretty much the theme of our subject movie. For those of you who find enjoyment is such things therefore I have included an episode from Monster Quest for your viewing….

Close Encounters of the Fellowman Kind….

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I happened to have caught a short segment on the PBS half-hour news broadcast this past evening that was both interesting and uplifting. I think many of us often fantasize about a society that is in fact much more social, friendly, courteous and respectful of their fellowman.

A young lady in New York City, Madeline Schwartzman, took on a personal project of interacting with people on her commute back and forth to work each day on the subway. Each day in her commute she asks select fellow commuters to write a poem in a notebook that she carries. Some refuse of course while others accept.

Madeline takes the poems and posts them on the website, 365 Day Subway:Poems by New Yorkers. Not so much for the poem’s sake but rather to show that we really do seem to have a desire to connect as humans and share our hopes, wishes and personal thoughts. But we choose rather to stay locked in our own little worlds cutting ourselves off from that deeper social interaction.

I have posted the PBS segment below which is a little less than 4-minutes long, give it a listen and see if you don’t come away thinking that what the world needs now is a little more of this….

The Big-Three Network’s TV Nightly News Anchors….

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I can’t offer any real explanation as to why but for the past few weeks I have been thinking from time to time about the personalities that anchor our national evening news television stations on our three major networks, that being NBC, CBS and ABC of course. Probably the underlying reason for all this contemplation is because I really don’t care that much for any of the three current news anchors and can’t help longing for my all-time favorites. Who might they be you ask….

Best of the Best Male Television News Anchors(Best of the Best – Male Television News Anchors)

Yep, I indeed have my favorites, both past and present as I am sure you do also, assuming of course you have any interest whatsoever in national news. My personal choices of favorites are based solely on likeability, presence, delivery and believability. I am completely disregarding network affiliations. It also includes the living and the dead and only those to which I have had exposure. For example, I was too young for Edward R. Morrow and although he was supposedly a great one, I only have history to confirm that status.

Don’t care much for the current three anchors but I’m never without suggestions when it comes to this particular subject. If anyone were to call me these are the ones I would suggest along with a few honorable mentions….

First Choice Male Television News Anchors(First Choice for Current Male Television News Anchors)

First Choice Female Television News Anchors(First Choice for Current Female Television News Anchors)

Honorable Mention Choices Male Television News Anchors(Honorable Mention Choices for Television News Anchors)

And as far as my least favorite go, well I have a few that easily made it to the top of those two lists. Again, if I may share….

Least Favorite Male Television News Anchors(Least Favorite Male Television News Anchors)

Least Favorite Female Television News Anchors(Least Favorite Female Television News Anchors)

I’m fairly certain that none of the networks will be in touch with me anytime in the near future with regard to recommendations regarding their anchors or for that matter, anything else.

Well, that’s my 2-cents worth on the subject I suppose. By the way, if you have the least bit of curiosity as to why I seem to have neglected including the three major 24-hour television news networks in the conversation, well I actually didn’t overlook them. They simply had no eligible candidates to even be in the running – but hey… that’s just me!  Guess it’s time to sign off, now that I have probably stirred up a measure of hate and discontent among the natives but don’t blame me, I just work here! “Goodnight Chet…. Goodnight David…. Goodnight Alan”  :)

My aunt just had a vasectomy but she’s doing fine…

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Medical Terminology for Dummies

Why is it that medical terms often seem to border on some type of a foreign language, at least for me? I was recently reminded of a rather humorous incident regarding medical terminology that occurred many years ago and thought I would share that here today.

I have never been one who has been on top of the latest medical terminologies at all. Just not something that seems to find a sticking place in my brain. I can go to the doctor and then the next day I can’t remember one medical term he had used in talking to me about any of my medical issues. Same way with medications, as much as we here about acetaminophen in pain killers these days, I had to actually look it up on Goggle to add it to this sentence. I just cannot retain medical terms.

So to my little story…. and to try and make a long story short, my mom and dad had been divorced for a number of years at the time and my dad had remarried and lived in a town located some 150 miles away from Little Rock. I didn’t see him all that often, especially since I was well into my thirties at the time and was usually working out of state.

At the particular time of this incident he had come to Little Rock for knee or back surgery and the surgery had been performed in a local hospital. I was in Little Rock at the time and went over one evening to visit him in the hospital. We were pretty much engaged in small talk when he asked me how my aunt Edith (my mother’s sister) was doing.

Now my aunt had been dealing with breast cancer and had been having a pretty rough go of it to say the least. She was not doing well and eventually opted for breast surgery and had seemed to have somewhat stabilized after the surgery for a period of time.

Now my dad knew my aunt had breast cancer but was not aware she had had surgery. So when he asked me how my aunt was doing I immediately responded that she was doing much better and had just had a vasectomy. My dad immediately got a strange look on his face and asked, “What?” I of course repeated myself immediately thinking he may not have heard me or was simply concerned, “She just had a vasectomy – but she is doing fine.”

Well, he pretty much looked like a deer caught in someone’s headlights when all of a sudden it hit me what I was saying and I immediately cried out, “Oh… I mean mastectomy!” Well my dad started laughing so hard I thought they were going to have to come in and put him on life support and I was really embarrassed. I mean really, really embarrassed.

Turns out that when the account of the incident got back to my aunt she just thought it was absolutely hilarious. One of her sons who was at the time a practicing physician caught wind of it and found no humor in it what so ever…. :)